Queue System Dispaly, Queue Management
Single Line

A fully customizable queuing system with an LCD display and audio calling system, the Tell-R-Lite is sure to enhance your customers experience. 

Take a Number ticket
Ticketed Systems

With ACL's ticket based system, customers are able to browse the store or sit in a waiting area, there is no need to stand in a line. Ticket numbers are shown on a highly visible display and tellers have the ability to call clients with the help of an integrated voice calling system.

bank teller lighting, citi bank lobby
Custom Teller Lighting 

A custom lighting solution provides your tellers a simple way to call customers. Blinking lights quickly draw the attention of your clients and take the burden of calling customers off of your tellers.


Welcome to ACL,

Our comprehensive queue management systems enable our clients to dramatically improve customer service. We offer high quality  customizable consumer traffic control solutions. Regardless of the size of your organization and your preferred method of serving customers, ACL has a solution to improve your customer service.


ACL Equipment has successfully served over five hundred different institutions in the forty years we have been in business. We have provided solutions to a wide range of lobby traffic control problems. Our patented Tell-R-Lite system has been installed in over 1400 banks, credit unions and government agencies. Our complete suite of systems can be found in nearly three thousand financial institutions and government agencies worldwide.

Our strongest suit as a solution provider is our dedication to customer service. We are aware that there are other products on the market similar to ours, but we guarantee that each customer will receive the highest level of service and satisfaction.


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Queue Display - Tell-R-Lite
Queue Display - Tell-R-Lite

Lobby traffic control system at a telecom customer service center.

Customer Line Management
Customer Line Management

Customer call system in use at a busy retail location.

Teller Lighting
Teller Lighting

Custom in-counter lighting to assist tellers in calling customers.

Queue Management System
Queue Management System

Customer traffic control system in operation at a train station.

Customer Flow Management
Customer Flow Management

Teller lighting in operation, these numbered beacons light up when tellers press a button to call customers.

Ticketed System
Ticketed System

A ticket based, take a number, system in use at a customer payment center.

Customer Flow Management
Customer Flow Management

Lobby traffic control display working to direct customers and advertise.

Take A Number System
Take A Number System

A ticket based, take a number, system in use at customer service center.

Teller Lighting System
Teller Lighting System

The Teller Light director works with beacons to direct customers to the appropriate representative.




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